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ansify.f Convert ANSI Forth standard definition names from lower to upper case
vibe-2.1.f VIBE - A portable block editor
color.f Forth to HTML converter
bezier.f Bézier splines
blowfish.f Blowfish encryption algorithm
DumpWindows.f Dump's all Top-Level-Windows to the console
isaac.f ISAAC random number generator
NUMBER.F Display numbers according to the international settings of the control panel
ods.f OutputDebugString() support
reorder.f Reorder the stack
ShellExecute.f ShellExecute() support
Sockets.f Support for Windows Sockets (updated May 15th, 2004)
STRUCT.F C like structures Dirk Zoller's Float Tests
tetris.f Win32Forth Version of Dirk Zoller's Tetris clone (updated March 27th, 2004) Win32Forth Class and Vocabulary browser. It display's the classes, methods, vocabularies and words in a Treeview. If you hold down the CTRL-key while clicking on an entry in the Treeview the source is shown in WinEd. (updated May 29th, 2004) Program the Sound Board ( PCM mono )
en_de_crypt.f A simple encrypt/decrypt tool. It Uses one key.

More to come soon...

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