Release Notes for version 6.12.00

Contributors (in alphabetical order)

  • Robert Dudley Ackerman
  • Ezra Boyce
  • Dirk Busch
  • Thomas Dixon
  • Brad Eckert
  • Bruno Gauthier
  • George Hubert
  • Alex McDonald
  • Rod Oakford
  • Andrew Stephenson
  • Jos van de Ven
  • and others...
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  • Overview

    System Changes

  • The File w32fHtmlDisplay.dll was removed because it was replaced whith the new ActiveX support written by Thomas Dixon.
  • The File FreeImage.dll was added because it is used by the Win32Forth IDE to display Bitmap images.
  • PATH-PTR was changed. All code that depend on PATH-PTR being defined as a VALUE must be changed !!! Alternatively you can INCLUDE the file compat\oldpaths.f for a harness to use old code with the new paths.f
  • Documentation

    A lot of new documentation has been added using an extended version of Brad Eckert's DexH - Document Extractor.

    Bug fixes

    A large number of bugs have been fixed. Changes since December 12, 2005 can be found at the CVS Commit List.

    New Applications

    New Tools

    New Controls

    New ADO class library

    New GDI class library

    The 'old' classes in Win32Forth that are dealing with the GDI:

    were rewritten to use the GDI class library.

    Other new classes

    New Libraries

    New Demos

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