gdiMetafile -- Metafile class

Version 1.0

This GDI class library was written and placed in the Public Domain in 2005 by Dirk Busch


:class gdiMetafile <super gdiObject

Metafile class. This class only support's enhanced metafiles (emf) !

:M Destroy:     ( -- )

Destroy the metafile.

:M SetHandle: ( hMF -- )

Set the handle of the metafile.

:M Copy:        ( -- hCopy )

Create a copy of the metafile in memory

:M Load:        ( addr len -- f )

Load a metafile from a file

:M Save:        ( addr len -- f )

Save the metafile in a file

:M PlayInRect:  ( left top right bottom hDestDC -- )

Play the metafile in a rectangle

:M CopyToClipboard: ( -- )

Copy the metafile to the clipboard

:M GetFromClipboard: ( -- )

Get a metafile from the clipboard

:M GetFileHeader:       ( pemh size -- n )

The GetFileHeader: method retrieves the record containing the header for the specified enhanced-format metafile.
pemh  Pointer to an ENHMETAHEADER structure that receives the header record. If this parameter is NULL, the function returns the size of the header record.
size Specifies the size, in bytes, of the buffer to receive the data. Only this many bytes will be copied.

:M GetPaletteEntries:   ( cEntries lppe -- n )

The GetPaletteEntries: methods retrieves optional palette entries from the specified enhanced metafile.
cEntries  Specifies the number of entries to be retrieved from the optional palette.
lppe Pointer to an array of PALETTEENTRY structures that receives the palette colors. The array must contain at least as many structures as there are entries specified by the cEntries parameter. If the array pointer is NULL and the enhanced metafile contains an optional palette, the return value is the number of entries in the enhanced metafile's palette; if the array pointer is a valid pointer and the enhanced metafile contains an optional palette, the return value is the number of entries copied; if the metafile does not contain an optional palette, the return value is zero. Otherwise, the return value is GDI_ERROR.


End of gdiMetafile class

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