Win32Forth SciEdit


SciEditMdi.exe is a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) text editor for Win32Forth.  It is written in Win32Forth utilizing the w32fScintilla.dll.


SciEdit provides the ability to edit source files for Win32Forth.


The menus and toolbar provide the options that are available.  The interface is similar to most typical Windows programs and should be mostly familiar to users who have used other editors.


The tool bar buttons can be assigned to perform similar functions to those on the menus.  The menus may list shortcut keys on the right hand side of the option description.  Shortcut keys can be used to quickly perform commands without clicking the corresponding toolbar button or navigating to the menu selection.



The first 3 choices have to do with opening and closing edit windows and loading and saving files to be edited.


The next 3 choices have to do with saving files to the file system.





The most recently edited files are listed just below the exit choice for easy access to re-open them for editing.