What's new in ForthForm

Enhanced toolbar design tool.

Slight enhancements to property forms.

Improved object of FileWindow class.

Rebar position now configurable.

Improved Splitter-window templates.

Interim release.

Interim release.

Ability to generate a property sheet like template for applications.

User selectable fonts for controls.

Help window integrated into the main window.

SciEditMDI editor and ProjectManager can be started from within ForthForm. Prelude to...

Plenty bug fixes!

Easier positioning of a group of controls. Handy when an existing form has to be modified.

Integrated property and group action dialogs to a tabcontrol.

Forms can be marked view only.

SciEdit can be used to edit forms, menus, toolbars etc.

Monitor Window can be hidden.

Single click to add a control.

Cosmetic improvements.

Bug fixes.

Menu generator.

Tabcontrol have been added to list of controls.

Folder browser have been added to available controls.

Bug fix in sizing of forms.

Forms can have a status bar.

Minor improvements to the toolbar generator.

Forms have an option to select the super class when compiling.

Splitter-Windows can be compiled as child windows.

Formpad editor uses Scintilla control for editing.

Six splitter-window templates available for auto generation.

Help file display from within ForthForm using the Html control.

Limited support for controls not directly supported by ForthForm by means of a generic control.

Toolbar bitmaps display using system colors.

Group action dialog allows multiple operations on selected controls.

Bug fix in change control type.

Dissimilar controls can now be manipulated as a group.

ForthForm can now open multiple form files

Internal editor/viewer - forms can be designed and tested "on the fly".

All Open forms can be compiled to a single file.

System colors are used for forms at design and compile time.

Toolbar generation facility allows the design and testing of toolbars "on the fly'.

Use of a rebar control for the toolbar. Eliminated the Forms List window.

Minor improvements in code.

A couple bug fixes.

Added the ability to change a control type. For example a single line textbox can be change to a multiline textbox with two clicks of the mouse.

Dirk Busch added simple Command-Line-Handling for opening a ForthForm-File (*.ff) via double-click in Windows-Explorer.

Some bug fixes.

Corrected bug that caused a flat toolbar to display on white background.

Added ForthForm icon.

Option to allow compiled forms to automatically save their screen location.

Minor improvements in code.

Compiled forms are now saved with a .frm extension. This allows the file that uses the form and the form itself can have the same name but a different extension.

The function toolbar and the controls toolbar have been replaced by one customizable toolbar. Text in the toolbar buttons is optional.

A preference dialog has been added to allow user customization.

ForthForm window position and size are now saved in the registry for restoral at a later session.

The control property dialog has been improved to use less screen real estate.

Version number updated to be similar to Win32Forth & WinED.

A couple bug fixes.

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