Toolbar Functions

The toolbar allows single click access to many functions.

If the main window is active ( click on its caption if not ) and at least one form is opened positioning the mouse cursor over a button pops up a tooltip identifying the button function. If no form is opened some buttons will be disabled. Note that some buttons have a dual function. For example, pressing the control key and clicking causes a multiline textbox to be selected instead of a single line textbox.

The drop down combobox control located in a rebar control can be used to set the focus on any open form. Its width ( and that of the toolbar ) can be adjusted by clicking and dragging on the handle. Double- clicking on the "List of Forms" label alternately closes and opens the combobox.

To arrange buttons on the toolbar press and hold the shift key then click and drag any button on the toolbar to reposition it.

Double click in an empty part of the toolbar to customize the buttons displayed or select "Customize Toolbar"
from the "Options" menu.

In the 'Available toolbar buttons' box select the control to be displayed in the toolbar and click the 'Add' button. Repeat for any additional buttons. To remove a button from the toolbar select the button from the 'Current toolbar buttons' box and click 'Remove'. To position buttons in the toolbar select the button and click 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' buttons. (Pressing the 'Shift' key while dragging the button in the toolbar also repositions the button in the toolbar) Choose the 'Reset' button to cancel changes or 'Close' to exit and save changes.

'Help' – this is it!

For additional customization of the toolbar –from the 'Options' menu select 'Set Preferences' .

Check the 'Flat Style button' to display flat buttons, otherwise buttons will be raised. To display text in the buttons check 'Show Text in Buttons'.( Note that in ForthForm 2.02.00 and later this option has been disabled.)

Set the Rebar Position options to desired preference. Note that if the position is set to vertical i.e left or right of the window, the Forms List ComboListControl is turned off. Since the names of the forms can hardly be seen anyway, this allows more room for toolbar buttons to be displayed.

Check the 'Show Monitor' option to display the Monitor window and allow positioning of forms.

Check the 'Show Release Notes' option to display any release notes on startup.

Click 'Ok' to continue or 'Cancel' to abort changes.

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