Generating a Property Form

The Property Forms dialog allows the creation of a property sheet like template using all open forms.

Defining a Property Form

Name - the name of the property form. If none is entered a default name will be provided.

Caption - The title of the property form.

Add Default Buttons - if checked code for three default buttons will be generated.

Multi-line Tabs - allow multiple rows of tabs if dialog is not wide enough.

Button Tabs - Tabs will display like buttons when selected.

Compile Forms to Disk - If checked, forms will be compiled to a separate file and then loaded. Note that if the file name needs to be changed it will require unchecking the option and doing a dummy test or edit. Subsequently reselecting the option will allow the choosing of the filename.

Test - compile and test using current selections.

Edit - Compile and display source code in editor.

Clipboard - compile and copy source code to the clipboard.

Close - close the property form dialog.

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