On start up the ForthForm design Main window is shown.

If the controls are not displayed in the toolbar adjust the window size until they are displayed or click and drag the toolbar handle to reposition the control toolbar .

If a wallpaper is present it will be displayed. The wallpaper image file can be either a Windows bitmap or Jpeg file. If both are available the bitmap takes precedent. If neither is present the wallpaper will be a gray background by default. The default background color can be changed by a command in the ForthForm.cfg file e.g. WHITE to BackgroundColor. Double click anywhere in the wallpaper to select a different image for the background.
N.B From Release 2.0 ForthForm no longer displays a background image by default. However, the facility is there for a user to recompile the system with image support.

The other window, if enabled from "Set Preferences" in the "Options" menu, shown is the Monitor window. The Monitor window displays a mini replica of the current form and is used to set the position of the compiled form on screen. The "List of forms" combobox displays a list of all open forms and allows any form to be selected as the active form.

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