Description of Menu functions

The following menus are available -


New - Create a new blank form of default size
Open - Open a single or multiple forms
Edit Properties - modify the properties of active form
Close - close active form
Close all - close all open forms
Merge - compile all open forms to a single text (.frm) file
Save - save active form (.ff file)
Save as - save and allow changing the name of the active form
Save all modified - save any changed forms
Compile - generate code to create form in a .frm file
Copy to clipboard - compile form and copy code to the Windows clipboard
Test - show how form will look at runtime
Exit - Close ForthForm


Edit - modify properties of active control in active form
Delete - delete active control ( same as pressing DEL key )
Align - submenu: align active control to grid point, grid's horizontal or vertical plane
Size sequential controls - set like controls to size of first one, stops when control changes
Sequential controls vertically/horizontally - arrange like controls to selected orientation
Change tab order - change the order how controls will be selected when TAB key is pressed
Change type - convert active control to other type of control selected
Bring to front/back - position control behind or in front of other control in list


Create toolbar - open a dialog to allow defining a toolbar
Splitter window templates - choose from a selection of splitter window templates
Define menu -open a dialog to allow defining a menu
Property form template - use open forms ( at least 2 ) to generate a property sheet like template
Win32ForthIDE - start the external Integrated Developement Environment for editing and managing files
Save session - save the current state of system ( open forms, background etc. ) to file
Load session - restore a previously saved session
Toggle console display - display ForthForm console


Set Preferences - set ForthForm options
Customize toolbar - change the selection of buttons in the toolbar



Form help - open Html help document
Close Help Window - close help document display
About ForthForm - display the about dialog

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