Defining A Menu

The menu definition dialog allows a menu to be defined.

The menu is display in a treeview structure, with the menu name as the root item. The example dialog displays the menu for ForthForm. Popups and submenus will have a + sign next to them. Click on + to expand the tree item.

MenuText - the string text used for the menu strings as well as the menu name.

C Button - clears both menuext and name text.

Name - used to set and display the name for a Win32Forth :Menuitem.

Popup - add a popup item to the menu.

Submenu - add a submenu item to the menu.

MenuItem - add a menuitem to the menu. To make a :MenuItem type the name in the Name textbox.

MenuSeparator - add a menuseparator to the menu.

Note that the above options require the desired popup, submenu or menubar to be selected.

New - prompts to erase all entries and create a default menu.

Delete - Delete the selected menu item. The main menubar cannot be deleted.

Rename- rename the selected item. Alternatively the double click an item to edit it. Press enter to save edited text.

Edit - compile the menu in W32F format and edit in Formpad.

Clipboard - compile the menu in W32F format and copy to the clipboard.

Save - Save the menu as a menu definition file (.mdf). This a standard text file loadable from Win32Forth. It will always be saved in this format despite any future compiling extensions.

Load - Load a menu from a menu definition file or read a W32F menu definition from a Forth file.

Test - Test the defined menu.

Close - Close the dialog window.

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