Creating A ToolBar

The toolbar dialog, the bitmap preview window and the toolbar bitmap preview window allow a toolbar to be defined and tested.

The bitmap preview window displays the selected bitmap at the default dimensions. The toolbar bitmap preview window simulates how the selected bitmaps will look in the toolbar when created.

Defining a toolbar

Name - the name of the toolbar. This is the minimum required to generate a toolbar. With a name specified and no bitmap image a default toolbar will be generated using one of the Win32 API toolbar bitmaps.

Bitmap - full path to the bitmap file that contains the toolbar images.

Exclude path - if checked bitmap file is referenced without the path component.

Bitmap Info - set the bitmap width and height.

Button Info - set the width and height of each toolbar button.

Toolbar Options - Check "Flat" if a flat toolbar is required, otherwise the toolbar will have raised buttons Use "Show Button text" if buttons will display text strings.

Toolbar Styles - These options should be self-explanatory or experiment to find out. Further information can be found in the source code file "Toolbar.f".

ToolBar Button- Used to change the style, state, description and other information for a single button.

Use "Add" to add an individual button to the toolbar, and then select the desired bitmap for this button by left clicking in the bitmap preview window. The default style and state for the button is "Button" and "Enabled". These can be changed by clicking the appropiate checkboxes.

If the "Auto Mode" option is selected a button will be automatically added when a bitmap in the bitmap preview window is clicked. The clicked bitmap becomes the default for the added button.

If it is desired to change the bitmap for a button simply manuever to the desired button (first,last,previous,next), ensure that "Auto Mode" is off and click the desired bitmap in the preview window.

Move Up/Move Down- Use these buttons to reposition a button in the toolbar.

Delete- Removes a button from the list. No confirmation is given.

Description- this can be the button name or description. It is used in the generation of button IDs for the toolbar. If none is provided a default will be added.

Tooltip- tooltip text for the button.

Button Text- optional button text. Note that "Show Button Text" should be enabled if text is to be displayed.

Extra Button- If this option is selected the button will not be displayed in the toolbar by default.

Note that if a button has the "Separator style" option selected no bitmap will be displayed for the button. In the Toolbar bitmap preview window a separator button is displayed as a white space.

Button Functions

New - Start with a default toolbar and clear button list.

Open - Open a toolbar definition file (.tdf) with saved toolbar options.

Save - Save options to file.

Test - Compiles and displays a toolbar with the specified options. To modify and retest close the open toolbar window first.

Source - Display source code for the toolbar in the FormPad. From there it can be copied to the clipboard or saved to file.

Refresh - Updates button information display.

Close - close the "Define Toolbar" dialog. This will also close the Bitmap Preview Window.

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